20 West Hotel

20 West Hotel

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The Capital 20 West’s refurbishment gave the hotel a ultra modern look and feel which makes it the superior choice of business professionals.

The stone lounge was the perfect choice emitting a modern elegance with its original shape.

The JUT 2 seater and 1 seater sofa, unique in its kind, collection is made with special moulds designed by VONDOM that gives off a clean and crisp look.

Then the final touch to the seating are the surf sun loungers which are driven by vibrant shapes which are refreshing, awakening, and elevating and are metaphors for a new global dynamism.

Then complimenting the Jut seaters and surf sun lounges are the Myyour Mr Lem side table inspired by the lines of the first spacecraft to the moon, it is a very special stool / coffee table that becomes a comfortable table that toppled stacked turns into a colourful very decorative totems giving that state-of-the-art element.

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